Bob Dylan Lyrics 1961 - 2020 Concordance

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Bob Dylan Lyrics Used in the Concordance [to be updated]



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Bob Dylan & Pre-war Blues Concordance



"Mona Lisa musta had the Highway Blues" -  Bob Dylan and blues lyrics

At the moment only in swedish.  But, will be published in english here: The Bridge magazine


This Spotify-playlist will have blues lyrics that inspired Dylan side by side with Dylans own lyrics.

This will support my essay on blues and Bob lyrics in The Bridge 2021.

The order in this playlist is first a Dylan song and then one or more blues that are connected to the Dylan song.

(Very much a work in progress)



The Golden Chords - The Rockets & "The Big Black Train"

Monte Edwardson R.I.P.

Monte talks about Bob






Michael Tafts Blues Lyrics Concordance


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Highway 61 re-revisited

- take two (unfortunately somewhat ugly at the moment; sorry!)



The Hotel Chelsea, New York - Who-is-Who